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Sex date kuala lumpur - sexy dating simulations

Where they do exist, the studies have focused on the general population and involved focus group discussions [25].The current study aims to address this research gap.

A literature review on the health behaviour of adolescents in the Caribbean showed that higher levels of sexual activity were reported if there was little adult supervision, whereas having good family connectedness delayed sexual activity [23].Early sexual initiation is associated with increased lifetime prevalence of sexual partners [1,3], thereby increasing the risk of exposure to sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV/AIDS [3].Additionally, the behaviour also increases the risk of human papillomavirus (HPV) infection and thus increased risk of cervical cancer [1] and [4-6].Apart from these issues, adolescent pregnancy is another significant outcome of engaging in early sexual intercourse [7].Worldwide, almost 50% of all new STIs and approximately 60% of new HIV infections occur in young people [8].Specifically, the aim of the study is to explore the factors associated with early sexual initiation and how these factors are related to lifestyle, values and the home environment among a sample of high risk Malaysian adolescents using qualitative methods, specifically in-depth interviews (IDIs) and essay writing.

Sample A sample of 29 adolescents took part in the study.Changes in family structure, declining religious values, cross-cultural communication facilitated by modern technology and increasing female participation in the labour force causing maternal deprivation of children also play a vital role in adolescents’ sexual behaviour [21].Recent studies have demonstrated that young persons’ relationships with parents and peers are associated with their involvement in sexual risk behaviours.The 2008 statistics from the Ministry of Health revealed an increase in new HIV infections among 13–19 year olds compared to 2004 (0.85% to 2.0%) [11].However, information on STIs among Malaysian adolescents is very limited as they tend to avoid public hospitals [12].One study carried out among adolescents attending urban public schools in the United States found that males who engaged in sex were found to hold more permissive sexual attitudes than females [20].

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